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Gaurrav V. Khanna, PMP


Pamela is an individual that is great at creating and maintaining relationships. She is extremely effective in her approach and has the foresight to invest time in scenarios that nurture long-lasting relationships. She is an avid communincator who articulates opportunities clearly. She is a connector and this bodes well for the industry/sector she works in. I have had an exceptional time working with Pamela, not to mention that her perseverence led to me converting a magnificent opportunity for me professionally. Pamela will be an asset for any account team that she works with.

Bilwesh Jani

Director - IT, Enterprise Infrastructure 

Pamela has been very effective in consistently providing high quality senior IT consultants to meet varied requirements; from virtualization to backups, IT architecture, IT operations to Project Managers. She is easy to work with, quick to understand requirements, and has an amazing ability to get the right candidates for the job. I have always found her to be very reliable, and recommend her for your staffing needs.l'

John La Selva

Executive Director, Enterprise Platforms at Tyco

Pam is one of the best providers of infrastructure talent I have worked with in my time. Where many providers will take a long time to understand technical requirements and present a lot of garbage in the interim before getting close to the mark, Pam has an uncanny ability to hit the mark right from the start. I don’t know where she finds her talent, but I have been amazed by the quality and diversity of the talent she has been able to bring to my organization. This is true whether my need was for more of the traditional Unix, Windows, Network or Storage expert, or the more hard to find Citrix, Firewall, Messaging or Technical PM type of resource. Pam also works hard at differentiating herself above the general contractor and genuinely understands that key to her success is the client being successful.

Ed Frey 

Associate Director / Vendor Manager at Yale University


While I was in Vendor Management at GE, Pam worked tirelessly for us to fill resource requirements for key positions. These requirements often had tight timeframes with little or no advance notice. Regardless, she consistently delivered quality resources that met or exceeded expectations in a timely manner. As a result, several resources that Pam provided were retained longer than we originally planned. She is a pleasure to work with because she is fair, flexible and honest. Her high energy level is infectious. Pam will never waste your time with endless streams of unqualified resumes. She understands what is required and drills down and finds the right candidate. I highly recommend her.

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